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[Solved] Cant purchase xtreme trend

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Hi bud.
I tried to buy xtreme trend indicator from your site but your payment system (credit card) giving error messages.
As i am living in Turkiye, we dont have a chance to pay with paypal and google pay
How can I pay and get the code ?
Your help is appreciated.

2 Answers

As an exception, we can accept a donation of 1000 Tradingview coins, which is equivalent to $10. You can donate to the indicator and let know us here!

ugurguray Topic starter 19/06/2024 1:35 am

@rsidivergence ok, I've sent 2*500 koins just now.
is my mail adres

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Thanks for sending the code.
xtreme trend indicator is realy xtreme powerfull. Good job bur ! Congrats.
If you look left on chart, it shows us Resistance and supports .
It can be use as trailing stop.
Any other magic ? Please send your advices.
How that can be super usefull ???